HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd | WS 18/19 | Invention Design II | Lecturer: Prof. David Oswald
Hend Hourani, Maike Sistemich, Maor Bezner


A significant amount of plastic end up each year in our environment and oceans. Although plastic is a useful product, many of these products are used once and thrown away. Instead of throwing plastics away this project/concept offer people the opportunity to help recycle more plastics to make this world a better place.


We started first to search for the facts, general information, similar projects to ours and to analyze what is already on the market. Is plastic recycling even a problem?! well, yes it is. Did you know that every German produces 611 kg trash and 37 kg of plastic waste out of Packaging every year?! also did you know that in 1950 the first plastic product launched on the market. At that time the world produced 1.5 million tons of plastic. Today it’s 300 million tons.

Types of Plastic

It would be hard to imagine a modern society today without plastics. Plastics have found a myriad of uses in fields as diverse as household appliances, packaging, construction, medicine, electronics, and automotive and aerospace components. The reason for its success in replacing traditional materials such as metals, wood and glass in such a diverse range of applications, is the ability to modify its properties to meet a vast array of designers’ needs. This, plus the ease with which plastics can be processed, makes them ideal materials for the production of a variety of components. But the management of plastics waste is one of the major problems facing modern society. A substantial part of public solid waste streams is composed of mixed polymers. Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and Polyethylene terephthalate are among the most common plastics waste, since they are the most frequently used commercial plastics in our daily lives as well as in industries.

P.R.C Website

P.R.C website contains eight main pages, which are as follows: homepage, community, center, container, event, machines, shop and plastics.
The homepage is basically general information about our community, in order to get peoples attention about what we do in our community and what’s the purpose of the whole community. It contains most of the important information too. For example, QR-Code for our application to download. Also, how the whole community work explained in 4 steps. If you watch the video you will also get information about the whole website and it's functions.

Rewarding System

One of the challenges to get an invention to an innovation is getting the interest of the people. That is why we were think- ing about a rewarding system to give people a reason to contribute. Our first idea was collecting points system. Every customer that brings an x amount of plastic, also gets an x amount of points, that he can collect and redeem it for cash or a product. Another idea was to simply give away in exchange for the amount of plastic waste a free item that the customer could choose himself. The more plastic waste you give the more qualitative items the customer would receive.


Our scenario explains how our plastic recycling community would work. What is the purpose of the scenario?! Scenarios help to understand and illustrate how people experience products and services at a deeper, more contextual level, and how their needs and expectations change over time. It also makes it easier to understand the whole concept/idea better.

P.R.C Application

An important aspect about a community is that it has to have the features and benefits of a community. In the community page, our users will see posts about things that happened in the community, what other users posted, comments about the events and many other possible options. Another part of the community are the events held in the center. The community offers workshops and lectures.
The shop is one of the main features in our application, that allows the users to redeem their points and buy our recycled products. Another important feature of the application is the container option. It displays a map of every container nearby. This way they finance the community and also help reduce plastic waste. We also decided to have a ranking system, that gives the user the possibility to compare themselves with other users. In the ranking list every user can see the amount of plastic already handed in and the amount of points received and collected in exchange.

P.R.C Container

We thought about the idea to place containers for our community members around the city. The members can then bring their own plastic waste to the container, dispose them in and get in exchange an amount of points for it. At the beginning we thought about letting our community members to ship their plastic to our center. But after discussing the option, there were too many disadvantages. After having few variations of how the container should look like we decided to model a bigger sized container, with a bigger hole to dispose the plastic waste in it. The screen is also bigger and would have a NFC scanner next to it.

How does it work?

1. Once you stand next to the glass container.
2. Via RFID-Chip that has a direct connection to your account, you get access to the container.
3. You put your plastic waste inside and the system recognizes how much it is and transfers the amount of points you get for it, directly to your account.
4. If it’s full, one of the members who is responsible for picking up the plastic waste from the collectors gets a notification to empty it.
5. It also gives you information about how the recycling process is done.
6. It’s also made out of recycled materials

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