maze it

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd | WS 17/18 | Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Franklin Hernández-Castro
Noah Knauss, Florian Vogelsang, Ramona Schurr

3D Fundamentals in the Medial Space

Everyone is playing video games now. When they arrived at the scene, the main audience for them were teens that were somewhat socially inept, but that has changed. Now, everyone plays video games. In this course, we had to develop a 2-dimensional game using Java Script, HTML, CSS programming languages and whatever additional necessary needed programs.

Conceptual Work

We had 2D gravity game as the main topic. First of all, we discussed all the possibilities for this kind of games, after suggesting a few possibilities, we decided to make a maze game. We wanted to change the typical image of a maze game and make it more interesting and entertaining. The first rule of the game is GRAVITY! How to play the game? One has to rotate the maze to find the right paths, until the ball reaches the core.

Prototyping & Programming

After sketching the different possibilities of the maze, we decided to make our maze in a shape of pentagon. Afterwards we prototyped our maze in Adobe Illustrator and used it in our code. The next step was to code the boundaries, the ball path, the black holes using Java Script, CSS and HTML. At the end we added specific sounds to the game, for example when the ball is rolling or when it falls and hits the boundary in order to bond to the game better.


Another requirement for this course, was to create our own controller, which we made out of wood and inside it was a metal ball that can move side to side in a tube, in order to rotate the maze to the left or right. To connect the controller to the laptop we used then Makey Makey. What is Makey Makey? It is an Invention Kit for Everyone is an electronic invention tool and toy that allows users to connect everyday objects to computer programs.

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