HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd | SS 18 | Application Design I | Lecturer: Jonas Heuer
Hend Hourani, Josh Cornau, Joscha Axthammer

Application Design I

The task for this course was to redesign an existing application. Since most of the students live in shared flats, we thought it would come in handy, if students had an application that could manage their whole household. That is why we decided to redesign the flat sharing application, Hubble+.

Hubble+ Documentation : >> click to open <<


What happens if one person doesn't pay their share of the rent? In a flat share, you usually all have equal responsibility for paying rent. Otherwise, you could all be evicted and the landlord can try to get all the money from any one of you. Not to mention the rest of the bills, the cleaning schedule that never works and many other issues. That is the reason why we chose to enhance the application Hubble+, it almost has no basic functions, has bad usability and the navigation is mixed up.


Before starting with the concept, we had to figure out what are the most common conflict reasons between flatmates. The answer is bills, cleaning, grocery shopping and managing the household events or appointments. That is why we decided to solve these conflicts using our application. The main screen has four options to choose, a calendar for all the important household events and appointments, cleaning schedule with points rewarding system, all the household expenses including permanent expenses and purchases and a grocery list to share the expenses together and know what's missing in the household.

Tile-based Design

Since our goal for this application is to make it possible for flatmates to manage their household as fast and simple as possible, Tile-based design was the best decision. They give a clear overview of the interface and allows the users to navigate easier and faster through the application.

UI Elements

Consistency in UI design is concerned with making sure elements in a user interface are uniform. They’ll look and behave the same way. This helps constantly prove a user’s assumptions about the user interface right, creating a sense of control, familiarity, and reliability.

Illustration & Animation

Another goal of ours was to make the application not only fast and simple but also playful. That is why we made few illustrations using Adobe Illustrator and then animated them using After Effects. Each Illustration represents one category. Also, we made sure that the illustration colors match the whole application's interface and style.


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