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HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd | WS 18/19 | Lecturer: Jonathan Bölz, Paul Käppler
Hend Hourani, Maike Sistemich

Organ Donation App

Organ donation is essential, one single organ and tissue donor can save or improve the lives of more than eight people. Even though it is so important, there is a significant lack of knowledge regarding this topic. The lack of knowledge about organ donation is one of the main reasons leading to the shortage of organ donation. Therefore, we decided to develop an organ donation app with a national database, to help raise awareness of organ donation, and to encourage people to become organ donors.


In Germany the decision solution applies. This means that a potential donor must have agreed before his death whether an organ donation may be performed. This also means that anyone who has not made a statement for or against organ donation is automatically not considered an organ donor. If the decision for or against organ and tissue donation was not made or not documented during a person's lifetime, the decision is left to the relatives. If the relatives do not know the will of the deceased person, it is difficult to make a decision on their behalf while the person is still being cared for grieves.


The positive attitude towards the topic of organ and tissue donation in Germany is currently at 84 percent and thus higher than ever before. In recent years, however, the number of organ donations done in Germany has fallen sharply. In 2012, 1046 organ donations per year were still being performed and in 2017, only 797. The most serious problems regarding organ donation in Germany are clearly to be found in the fact that the population is poorly informed and that the system of a physical identity card is outdated. In addition, it is often difficult for doctors to identify a person as an organ donor, as often there is no identity card available. The burden for the relatives is then very high, as they have to make a decision and deal with the loss of a loved one. Often the relatives do not want to face death which makes the decision for an organ donation particularly difficult.


The organ donation app is intended to help here. Using a modern media, German citizens aged sixteen and over can register and be registered in an online database. This requires various types of information, ranging from personal to medical data, which will help doctors to convey the organs quicker in the case of an organ donation as well as to identify possible risks.


The user should be able to make an independent decision to record his or her decision and determine which of his or her organs are to be donated later. Furthermore, the organ donation app supports the user to better inform themselves about organ donation, to record all relevant personal data and to exchange experience with other people. The emergency ID card helps the doctor identify a person easier in case of an accident and to inform their relatives.

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