Smart Tree Library

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd | WS 19/20 | Prof. Hans Krämer, Prof. Carmen Menzel
Hend Hourani, Maike Sistemich

Tool for Landscape Architectures

The smart tree library contains project management and project selection functions specially developed for landscape architects. This is a PC application that contains functions for project overview and mapping data as well as a tablet app that can be used on site at the construction site. Trees suggested are specially customized for the site and project type. This is done on the basis of the information entered for the project and the freely accessible data of the federal states related to the geo location, as well as specified soil analyses. In addition, various project-related data can be collected centrally and documentation in the form of photos and notes can be taken and managed.


A main feature of the application is the tree library. Here information about trees can be viewed and added to the project. By using the AR function, they can be placed on the terrain in order to better evaluate their harmony with the rest of the environment and the related design of open spaces. The intelligent tree library combines many different digital and analog tools that landscape architects use in their daily work into one digital application. This makes their work faster and project management easier. Project-specific data is collected centrally in a cloud-based application.

AR Funktion

All tree models and animations were created in Maya. Maya is a software for 3D visualization and animation. Maya is used in the film and television industry as well as in the development of computer games. Further application areas are industrial manufacturing, architectural visualization, as well as research and development.

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